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John Zaharopoulos

Hailing from Paragould, John moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2006 to attend law school and upon completion of his studies, made the decision to make it his home.  Marrying his high school sweetheart in 2011, he and his wife have two beautiful (and precocious) children that make him feel both old and young at the same time.

John started working in his family's restaurant when he was 14, and continued to do so throughout his undergraduate and law school, making the five hour drive every other weekend to work on the weekends.  This work ethic remains with him today, and can be seen in both his professional career and his home life - where he spends much of his free time taking on home improvement projects.

Outside of his family, John is passionate about everything automotive related - be it classic or new, sports or off-road.  Much of his spring and summer are spent on the autocross track or coaching his son's baseball and soccer teams.


Arkansas State University, 2006 - Bachelor of Science Business/Political Science/Philosophy

University of Arkansas School of Law, 2009 - Juris Doctorate

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