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Committed to Protecting You and Your Loved Ones



The idea that there had to be a better way to practice law.  That for some reason, most attorneys seem to make it their goal to make themselves inaccessible to their clients, when the fact is the client should be the most important communication an attorney receives during a given day.  That a lot of attorneys seem content to practice law the way it was done forty years ago, opting not to increase their efficiency and productivity by utilizing the technology available to them.  That too many attorneys hold themselves out to have the key to the hidden treasure that is justice and the law, and forget that an attorney should not be a gatekeeper, but should strive to be a guide - listening to the client's legal desires, advising the client as to the law, and assisting the client down the most advantageous path.  


It is with these observations in mind that a philosophy was developed by John that is applied to every client he represents, based on three ideals - Accessibility, Efficiency through Innovation, and Collaborative Representation.

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